DIY Yoga Ball Planter- Video

 Large concrete balls can be difficult to make and also find finished.  The weight is obviously one major factor.  We have shared step by step instructions for using a yoga ball as a mold for concrete.  The outside layer is very thin

Last year my father and I decided to make a large concrete sphere using a Yoga ball as a form.  It turned out so amazing!!

I finally finished editing this step by step video below that we shot while he was working on the project the first time through.

 The only recommendation we have is to do a third layer.  The thin set/ concrete was very thin and although it is still being used at a local feed store it does have some bruises.  So be sure to take the time to finish a third layer.

 The end of the video shows him acid staining the ball.



Yoga ball

Thin set Laticrete Mega Bond

Small hose and valve  ( to deflate the ball )

Small tub for mixing the thin set


Bucket- To stabilize your yoga ball

Thick rubber gloves

Acid Stain  for concrete

Plastic spray bottle

Adhesive mesh–  In a large roll – To cover the ball

Adhesive mesh–  In a small roll-  To wrap around the large mesh- to hold in place






  1. What a wonderful video Tala and Farouk! Great instructions…very well done. And really love the drizzled multicolor acid stain. Could you please let me know the brand of acid stain you use? I couldn’t read it in the video.
    Very cool!
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Eva,

      I am happy to hear you liked the video! We used Brickform acid stain. You should be able to find it at your local Lowes, Home Depot, or a concrete store. We used the colors Olive and Coffee. I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.
      – Tala

      • Hi, Tala ~
        Thanks for answering so quickly and letting me know about Brickform. Are you using the acid stains full strength or diluting them?
        Did Farouk make the ring that he used for the sphere opening? Or can these be purchased somewhere?
        Did you coat the inside of the sphere with Laticrete too?

        For spheres and other sculptures, I’ve found that Quikrete Quikwall makes a very durable first layer. Over it, I’ll apply a smoother finishing mix layer. Strong enough not to need a third layer.

        I appreciate your time and help, Tala. This is exciting.

        • Eva,

          The acid stain is full strength. As far as the wire goes he did make that on his own actually. He suggests that you just use a wire hanger to make the loop. We did not coat the inside of the sphere with anything. It held its shape just by being blown up. Days later after the ball has dried you can use a nozzle to release the air. If you end up using the Quick Wall for this project let me know! I suggested that to someone a while back however I haven’t tried it for this project. I have used it before and it is really strong stuff! It would be the perfect material to use for this project if it works. Thanks Eva. Let me know if you have any other questions!


          • Hi, Tala ~

            — Thanks for the additional info on the acid stain and wire loop.
            — Yes, I’ve made spheres of all sizes, including exercise ball sized ones, using Quikwall. It works great because it’s a bit sticky and adheres well to the ball. It’s also very durable. I leave my spheres outdoors on the ground in our Chicago area winters with snows and freeze/thaws. The Quikwall doesn’t crack or show any other flaws. A good product to use for spheres.
            — I really like how you and Farouk cut your sheets of fiberglass scrim, Tala. I cut my scrim into triangles (size depends on size of ball), press the scrim triangle into Quikwall on the ball, and then overlap slightly with another triangle. I like triangles because they fit the contour of the ball, but that requires a lot of cutting 🙂
            — You also can make large bowl planters over yoga/exercise balls. Use the mesh drywall tape to section off the area for your planter.

            Thanks again for your help, Tala, and for sharing this cool project with us all!

          • Eva,

            Just wanted to say thanks for adding in these suggestions! The yoga ball really would make a beautiful large bowl.. Nice idea:). Take care.- Tala

  2. Hello,
    LOVE the end result! How long did you let the concrete dry (or cure) before you acid stained it? Thanks!

    • Thank you! You will want to wait at least 24hrs for drying. Let me know if you have any other questions- Tala

  3. Hi I live in a country where they do not sell the concrete medium you are using. Is there anything else I can use or is there a generic name for the product you are using which might be made by other brands? I live in NZ

    • Hello Kate! It looks like the brand Cemix might be available in NZ. A mixture of cement and sand will also work. If you can add some fiber glass to the mixture that would be even better! Be sure to do at least three layers. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Fascinating! Truly a work of art. Thank you for the instructional video. With the clear step by step directions I feel that I could complete this project. Thank You.

  5. hi that is beautiful. Can you post a picture of how it looks after you used it with the plants? I’m just now redoing my front yard. Thanks.

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