Molds for Concrete

Plastic Molds for Concrete

Where and how to find plastic molds for concrete?

Have you been wanting to start a concrete project and need help deciding what molds if any to use?  An even bigger obstacle can be discovering where to find forms. Here are some guidelines and tips for deciding what to use for your specific upcoming concrete project and where to find some great molds!

Consider Weight

Say… If you are wanting to pour a concrete counter top for example…  You might not necessarily find a plastic mold for the counter-top as the un-molding process would be heavy and difficult.  A major solution to this problem is to pour the concrete in place.  So what supplies do you use??  You can simply make a mold for concrete out of wood.   When the concrete is done curing you can dissemble the wooden mold you have built to reveal your huge finished project.  Yea… It really is a brilliant and efficient process.  Again, this works best when you are considering large weights to be a factor, and will more than likely be pouring in place.


Plastic Molds

Plastic molds are also a great option for the following projects.  You can find molds for these projects as pictured at History Stones Molds.  These molds are reusable.  At the very least 25 times and can be used well over 100 times.  These molds vary in thickness from .08 high quality ABS plastic  to 1/4″  depending on the form.  History Stones has been in business over 18 years and ships orders out the same or next business day.  History Stones also offers international shipping.




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