Painting Concrete Columns

So many people are looking for ways to make their own concrete columns.  We offer molds for doing this at however these photos
make a roman style column look like a professional, finshed, architectural accent.

Here are some tips from the builder who made them!!

This is some great work from Cristian at Pro One Construction LLC.
Cristian used History Stones Tuscany Column and Base and Capital Set for his molds to create these columns.
His technique was to case these columns in place around the 2 x 4 wooden post.
He cut the top of our Tuscany Base mold as shown bellow-
Tuscany Column
to create the right size to fit around the post.   Then poured the concrete.   He then stacked multiple tube molds on top of each other surround the post and filled with concrete.
He covered any seams between sections by making up a small batch of the concrete and smoothing it carefully on those areas.
You can see that he painted the columns white later.  I would assume you can recommend any type of paint formulated for use on concrete and that it is important to apply concrete sealant over top to keep them looking nice.
This is a great example of pouring concrete in place and painting concrete.  Thank you Pro Once Construction for letting me use your photos!
Here are some more photos of his project.
paintedtuscany unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed

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