Personalizing Garden Benches

Oh the possibilities! Personalizing garden benches can add significant meaning to your yard. Maybe a pet has passed, or you have a special message to share.   A personalized concrete bench is a great way to put a meaningful stamp on a piece of concrete that is sure to last.  Sure, there are a few techniques for adding text or images to your concrete art. Some as simple as painting on concrete. When Angel Hernandez sent me these photos of his latest project I was eager to learn what he used for the lettering and how he did it. The lines are clean and the letters are spaced so perfectly! Here are the secrets to creating a bench like his.


1x Bench Mold

1x Bench Mold Instructions

4x Vynal Lettering – (Note:  You will need 4 of each letter to make them a little thicker, This site lets you customize fonts and placement )

1x  60-80 lb bag of concrete

1x can Ace Metallic Paint ( or any other outdoor paint of your choosing)

– Paint brushes in a few different sizes



Personalized bench insturcitons 20150905_155735 20150905_165537






1-Remove the sticky film from the Vynal then place your letters on the mold.  These Vynal letters are thin so you will want to stack at least 4 on top of each other to make a significant imprint.

(Make sure the writing is backwards or mirrored, as shown in the photo)

2- Spray cooking spray evenly over the inside of the bench mold and on the letters.

3-  Pour the concrete mixture into the mold slowly and tap the sides of the bench mold to get air bubbles out.

4-  Let dry for 24hrs. If you leave it longer that is fine.


Painting your letters-

* Remove your Vynal letters

* Tape the stencil to the bench (over the letters)

* Use paint brushes and paint to fill in your letters

* Let the paint dry




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