Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

Cold weather is quickly approaching and we have some tips to help you keep pouring through the cold season.  The process concrete goes through to harden or cure is refereed to as the hydration process.  In this process it is important to keep your concrete well above freezing temperatures.  Allowing concrete to freeze during the hydration process can slow or completely interrupt curing.  To avoid total frustration consider these tips.

  • Keep your concrete project in a dry heated area of around 50 degrees or more for at least two days.
  • Consider using a curing blanket.  Save money by using a tarp or burlap.  Simply covering your concrete project will help maintain temperature.
  • Use a chemical accelerator to speed up the hydration process.

It is best to let your concrete project stay in the mold until the color of the concrete has lightened significantly and is close to a light gray or white.

I hope this little bit of information is helpful.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Happy Holidays!


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