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    Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

    Cold weather is quickly approaching and we have some tips to help you keep pouring through the cold season.  The process concrete goes through to harden or cure is refereed to as the hydration process.  [...]
  • How to make gray concrete balusters
    Baluster Railing

    Gray Concrete Mixture

    One of our long time customers from History Stones sent me gorgeous photos of gray balusters he poured and installed.  He was kind enough to share the recipe for his gray concrete mixture.  I have [...]
  • Acid stain

    Coloring Concrete

    Many customers that I speak to have a specific desire for how they want their finished product to look. Determining  what type of material or colorant to use can be both fun and tricky.  A [...]
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    Sphere Mold Video

    This video demonstrates how to use sphere molds and what sizes you can expect to find.  In this video you will see our 15″, 12″, and 10″ sphere molds.  I also show some finished photos [...]
  • How to make a baluster railing
    Baluster Railing

    How to Make a Baluster Railing Using Molds

    Hola!  In this post I am going to share some instructions, tips and tricks for making your own concrete balusters.  I have done this project myself and it is not difficult at all.  You can [...]

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