Sphere Mold Video

This video demonstrates how to use sphere molds and what sizes you can expect to find.  In this video you will see our 15″, 12″, and 10″ sphere molds.  I also show some finished photos of each size in the video.

I just cant believe how many videos are on You Tube for making your own spheres.  So many of the processes are creative and fun but so much work.  If you want to invest in some reusable molds  these molds are super easy to use, affordable, and dependable.  I will include a link below to our website if you want to check the molds out.  Most of the sets have collected a good amount of reviews in case you want to see what other people think.

Before I move on and cast away spheres for a while…  I do have one last sphere project to share from a dear customer of ours who goes by the nickname Spud.  Spud is a retired engineer from the department of energy and in his spare time he came up with a brilliant solution for anchoring table umbrellas.   For those of you that have that lovely patio table and umbrella, spud guarantees  it will stay put using his idea.


concrete umbrella anchor

As you can see he used the sphere mold to pour a concrete base for his outdoor umbrella.  And then I added some cheesy chip art and shared it with all of you.

Hope everyone has had a good summer!  If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to comment below.



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